East Bay community leaders and environmental advocates are uniting behind Norman La Force, of course, because they know he's been a tireless protector of our parks for decades. We welcome your support too! To endorse Norman La Force, please fill out the form below. Thank you!

We Endorse Norman La Force, Of Course!



Sierra Club
Richmond Progressive Alliance
Save Our Point Molate
Green Party of Contra Costa County


Nick Pilch, Mayor
Peter Maass, Council Member
Marge Atkinson, Former Mayor
Robert Cheasty, Executive Director of Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP)* and Former Mayor
Robert Lieber, Former Mayor
Kathy Diehl, Former Chair, Albany Waterfront Commission
Patty Fujiwara, Former Co-President, Albany Teachers Association
Preston Jordan, Co-Founder, Albany Strollers & Rollers*
Miriam Walden, Former President, Albany Unified School Board


Jesse Arreguín, Mayor
Tom Bates, Former Mayor and Former State Assemblyman
Shirley Dean, President of Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP)* and Former Mayor
Cheryl Davila, Council Member
Sophie Hahn, Council Member
Kate Harrison, Council Member
Alejandro Soto-Vigil, Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner
Igor Tregub, Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner
Kriss Worthington, Former Council Member
Richard Illgen, Former Berkeley Planning Commissioner

El Cerrito

Greg Lyman, Mayor
Janet Abelson, Council Member
Paul Fadelli, Council Member
Gabe Quinto, Council Member
Rochelle Okimoto-Pardue, Council Member
Jane Batke, Former Mayor
Richard Bartke, Former Mayor
Mark Friedman, Former Mayor
Norma Jellison, Former Mayor and Former East Bay Regional Park District Park Advisory Committee Member
Bill Jones, Former Mayor
Letitia Moore, Former Mayor
Sandi Potter, Former Mayor
Lisa Motoyama, Former Planning Commissioner and Affordable Housing Advocate


Eduardo Martinez, Council Member
Melvin Willis, Council Member
Cesar Zepeda, Director, West County Wastewater District
Jovanka Beckles, Former Council Member
Gayle McLaughlin, Former Mayor
Marilyn Langlois, Former Planning Commissioner

Regional Elected Officials

Vinnie Bacon, Council Member, Fremont
Helen Burke, Former Director, East Bay Municipal Utility District
Ruscal Cayangyang, Former Vallejo City Unified School Board Member
Stuart Flashman, Former Director, East Bay Municipal Utility District
Greg Harper, AC Transit Director
Doug Linney, East Bay Municipal Utility District Director
John Marquez, Trustee, Contra Costa County College District
Tom Panas, West Contra Costa Unified School Board Trustee
Chris Peeples, AC Transit Director
Joe Wallace, AC Transit Director

Environmental Leaders

Robert Cheasty, Executive Director of Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP)* and Former Mayor, Albany
Shirley Dean, President of Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP)* and Former Mayor, Berkeley
Arthur Feinstein, Former Executive Director, Golden Gate Audubon Society*
Jim Hanson, Conservation Chair, California Native Plant Society, East Bay*
Jon Kaufman, Director, Claremont Canyon Conservancy*
Jerry Kent, Assistant General Manager (Retired), East Bay Regional Park District*
Martin Nicolaus, Executive Director, Cesar Chavez Park Conservancy*
Max Perrey, Former Sierra Club SF Bay Executive Committee Member*
Dr. Ann L. Riley, Executive Director, Waterways Restoration Institute*
Glenn Schneider, California Native Plant Society East Bay Skyline Gardens Coordinator*
Andres Soto, Community Organizer, Citizens for a Better Environment*

* Titles are for identification purposes only and do not denote organizational endorsement

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